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RLG has extensive experience handling professional liability cases for both plaintiffs and defendants. We handle all types of negligence, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, unfair competition, and fraud lawsuits and arbitrations.

Threats of professional misconduct have the potential to impair a professional’s livelihood and reputation. RLG’s attorneys understand the high stakes when these disputes surface. Our attorneys carefully navigate clients through every step of the process, explaining complex legal issues and crafting strategies and approaches designed to achieve the best possible outcome. RLG’s attorneys leverage the critical issues in each matter, whether it is the statute of limitations, Anti-SLAPP, contractual terms, causation, damages, applicable privileges, or other disputed issues.

Accountants’ Liability

RLG prosecutes and defends disputes involving accountants, auditors, enrolled agents, tax consultants, and tax preparers who work in sole practitioners, partnerships, and large firms. Examples of issues we have litigated include audits, compilations, financial statements, projections, tax return preparation, tax planning, business, and personal financial management, investment advice, high net worth estate planning, and other tax planning disputes. Our representative matters include allegations of misconduct with respect to improper deductions and improper use of tax shelters and prohibited transactions; financial and estate tax planning; retirement and pension plans; business sales and purchases; and management of professional practices and business entities.

Attorneys’ Liability

RLG prosecutes and defends disputes involving attorneys, law firms, trustees, and attorneys acting as mediators and expert witnesses. We handle disputes with current and former clients, third parties, adversaries, competitors, disgruntled heirs/beneficiaries, and the California State Bar. Our representative matters include legal malpractice, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, excessive billing, fraud, violations of California statutes, defamation, and other claims. We also prosecute actions on behalf of attorneys for unpaid fees, breach of contract, and fraud against their former clients and third parties.

Cyber and Data Breach Liability

Our cyber law and data breach practice includes prosecuting and defending actions involving data security incidents, including breach, theft, and catastrophic events. We defend class actions and lawsuits by customers, vendors, and third parties. We respond to regulatory inquiries and investigations and defend enforcement actions. We prosecute actions by individuals and entities whose private data has been compromised. We also prosecute actions by individuals and entities against third parties, vendors, and ex-employees/agents to recover private data compromised during a data breach and money damages caused by the breach. We also assert our clients’ rights to defense and indemnity under their cyber liability insurance policies.

Insurance Professionals’ Liability

Our insurance professional litigation practice includes agents and brokers, agencies, wholesalers, field marketing organizations, and the like. Typical representations include allegations that the insurance professionals: failed to procure insurance coverage; failed to recommend policies or suitable insurance coverage; violated insurance laws or sales procedures; or failed to properly deliver and disclose the details of the policies. We handle all types of insurance policy disputes, including individual homeowners and automobile policies, fixed index annuities and other insurance and annuity products, comprehensive business insurance programs, complex investment, and tax-planning strategies, ERISA plans, health plans, tax shelters, offshore investments, prohibited transactions, unregistered securities transactions, business interruption insurance, property and casualty insurance, professional errors and omissions insurance, employment liability insurance and directors and officers liability insurance.

Real Estate Professionals’ Liability

RLG prosecutes and defends disputes involving real estate professionals in all aspects of the industry including developers, owners, managers, management companies, buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants, contractors, subcontractors, brokers, agents, auctioneers, investors, financial institutions, lenders, escrow and title. RLG’s attorneys bring a wealth of litigation experience to diverse areas such as:

  • Purchase and sale agreement disputes
  • Ownership disputes involving partnerships, LLCs, co-tenants, and joint ventures
  • Real estate covenant disputes
  • Real estate brokerage claims
  • Commercial and residential lease disputes for landlords and tenants
  • Escrow and title insurance claims
  • Auction house, auctions, and property marketing disputes
  • Construction disputes
  • Disputes with investors, financial institutions, and lenders
  • Conflicts of interests
  • Nondisclosure of material facts
  • Violations of federal and state laws and regulatory guidelines

Our real estate litigation practice involves disputes between buyers and sellers of real estate and notes, disputes between real estate professionals and the current and former customers, and disputes between real estate owners/investors and various third parties. These disputes are typically litigated in federal and state courts, arbitration forums, private mediation, and before state agencies.

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