Attorneys Marc S. Ehrlich (left), Brandon S. Reif (center), and Rachel Dardashti (right)
Attorneys Marc Ehrlich (left), Brandon Reif (center), and Rachel Dardashti (right)

Reif Law Group, P.C. (RLG), is a boutique law firm that provides skilled and tactical representation to its clients. Our goal is to protect our clients at every stage of the process and to provide a positive outcome. A positive outcome starts with a clear definition of what the “win” looks like, and we partner with our clients to develop favorable solutions. As aggressive securities and corporate law attorneys, we zealously advocate for our clients throughout the process to maximize results at the earliest stage of the dispute.

RLG’s unbiased approach to the securities industry works as pro-plaintiff and pro-defendant (or neutrality) is Mr. Reif’s forward-thinking business model as the “mercenary of law firms.”  RLG is not beholden to insurance carriers, financial institutions, investment sponsors, or private equity.  Mr. Reif believes that proven results are more important to the firm’s reputation than the notion that law firms must choose defense work or plaintiff work. To this end, RLG does not align with a particular side of the securities industry.

Most disputes are resolved with a negotiated settlement. While most attorneys litigate toward the negotiated settlement, RLG’s attorneys litigate as if the dispute will go to trial. Our trial-readiness discipline prepares us for any opportunity or advantage for our clients both in and out of the courtroom. We strongly believe that the most effective client results are achieved by the attorneys and clients who are ready to go to trial.