Corporate and Shareholder Disputes

Operating a business poses many challenges: officers and directors’ day-to-day management; revenue and cost fluctuations; shareholder grievances; financial transparency disputes; distribution and dividend modifications; and books and records inspection rights. We have extensive experience representing interest-holders in business entities in a wide variety of corporate, shareholder and partnership disputes:

  • Shareholder and partnership disputes
  • Officer and Director malfeasance and misconduct
  • Breaches of fiduciary duty and self-dealing
  • Misappropriation of corporate assets and embezzlement
  • Minority shareholder oppression
  • Profit sharing disputes
  • Failure to pay distributions or investment returns
  • Lack of transparency with financials and business records
  • Corporate, joint venture and partnership dissolution

Every situation is different and the most effective way to achieve the desired results is proper planning with skilled attorneys and careful evaluation of the clients’ legal rights and governing law. RLG works with its clients to implement a strong and cost-effective litigation strategy.